Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Fun To Go to The YMCA

I took the boys for their swim lessons today, and got some pix of little "Eel" Mikey. He loves to swim, completely fearless!

Working on the backfloat

Hanging out on the edge, patiently waiting for his turn

Flashing his best Tough Nut Scrumpy Smile. Love his Orca Goggles!


Unknown said...

Gosh, he's so cute. I just love his googles. He'll be lake swimming without a life jacket before you know it!

Laurie said...

he's ready to lake swim NOW. Of course he'll probably sink to the bottom but he comes right back up lol.

Meg said...

WOW, he's an 'eel'. Hadley is still a 'perch'...what a loser. Love his tough nut and ginormous goggles.

Laurie said...

oh Hads, you are such a little tard. LOVE. She will prolly ride a bike just like her Auntie Lowdie, invest in band-aids NOW.