Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Do You Know It's Summer?

When you hear the annoying song "The Entertainer" coming down the street, because that means the ice cream truck is coming!
We just found that we have TWO ice cream guys in our 'hood, tough on the pocketbook. The boys heard the truck and went TEARING out of the house, including Mikey who was stark naked at the time (I grabbed him before he got off the porch luckily). Since it's the first day of summer vaca, we had to get the good ice cream (Spongebob with gumball eyeballs, not the cheap-o popsicles). But with 2 trucks a day, we'll be reduced to making our own popsicles pretty darn quick :-)


Lis said...

I never hear the entertainer anymore...and all the ice cream trucks around here are creepy SS Molest vans.

Laurie said...

haha we are still old school in Spokane.

zaideafraidey said...

funny we can be out working in the yard hear the truck a few blocks away and my heart still goes into that dizzying rapid beat. You never lose the magic of the pman.