Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Relaxing Week

My week of vacation is drawing to a pleasant close. I didn't do anything much, but that was the best thing about having a week off! I spent many happy hours sitting out on my little side porch, knitting and listening to a book on CD. I finished some projects that had been languishing for too long, did a lot of reading, took naps and visited my garden every day. Steve & I are very very excited to have veggies appear!
I'm ready to see my boys early tomorrow morning; I've definitely missed the hugs, the early morning rocking, the questions and stories, and even the hundred requests to "pull my finger" that I hear every day
:-) ah boys, they are special.


Meg said...

Sounds really nice, I love vacations at home where you do nada. No plane ride, no scuzzy hotel bedspread. Glad your boys are on their way home, and I'm sure saving up their farts.

Unknown said...

Have fun with the boys this morning!