Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stuff I'm Loving Today

It's been a lazy weekend more or less, giving me little to blog about but time to reflect on what makes me happy:

1. Little kids riding bikes. Esp with training wheels.

2. My children. Even though I don't EVER get to see the Virginians, I love em all like 60 and I'm happy every day knowing I birthed four of the world's greatest people.

3. Living a block away from Audubon Park. It's the perfect neighborhood park, always full of kids, dog walkers, old people, young people, coffee drinkers and more. And hardly ever a weirdo lol.

4. Books! Good old fashioned made out of paper BOOKS. I'm never giving up my books, at least until they make a Kindle that you can read in the bathtub. And even then I'm not sold on the concept.

5. Newspapers. I am soooo sad that the newspaper seems to be on its way out. I have read the paper every day for the last 50 years, since I learned to read. And I hope to continue my daily habit until I go to the big newsstand in the sky... PS HATE the new 'skinny' page format. Gak.

6. Knitting of course. My daily habit, meditation, relaxation, sanity restorer. If I didn't knit, I guess I'd have to do drugs. And what's better than the engineering marvel of turning a sock heel? Nothing, in my opinion. Also, it's great to be a knitting 'grandma'; my boys are convinced I can knit ANYTHING. And frequently request stuff like: a nest for the two robin's eggs they found, a boat (full size pls), a tree for the pterydactyl I knit Alex so he'll have somewhere to sit and get food, pajama bottoms for RJ after Rex the Wonder Dog ate his.

7. Weight Watchers. Yeah, I'm the worst lifetime member ever, having 'lapsed' 4 or 5 times since my first success. But the program is fantastic, it really does work (if you follow it lol), and I like the fact that you eat real food, and nothing is 'forbidden'.

8. My Garden. Steve and I planted some veggies this spring, and it's the first time I've had a little veg garden in years. Every morning, we go out and see if our plants have grown and it's so exciting to see them getting bigger. I am growing potatoes in a garbage can (most brilliant idea EVER, they are growing like mad), tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, watermelon and squash. Can't wait until something is edible!

9. TCM (Turner Classic Movies). I heart old movies, and this channel is a dream come true. From Charlie Chaplin to Cary Grant, there's something I love showing every day. I just watched a World War II movie called "Mrs. Miniver" and it was great! I'm sure I must have been a silent movie extra in a previous life...

10. Steve! It's so nice to be married to such a kind, thoughtful man. He makes me coffee and a bagel every morning, always makes sure I have my $2.99 bottle of WaWa white wine for after work, mows the lawn, does the dishes, laundry and takes out the garbage without being ASKED. A gem of a guy. And he'd even rub my neck if I asked him.


Lis said...

love your list. perfect!

Mindy said...

I love the way that you put it... you birthed 4 of the world's greatest people. I never thought about it like that before. That's great.

I am just learning the wonder of turning a sock heel. I am working on my first pair right now. :)

Keep your chin up with the Weight Watchers. I am also a lifetimer. I've been back at it 2 or 3 times and I currently have 84 pounds to lose to get back there. You're right it does work. At least we have the tools we need to lose the weight.

Cara said...

great list mom! i love that the boys think you can knit anything!

i think we are the lucky ones to have you as our mom!!