Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why It's Great To Have A Big Sister

A tiny bit late but happy birthday, big sister!
And here are some reasons why it's great to have a big sister (and why my big sister is the BEST):
1. She can do all the bad teen stuff first, so your parents are worn out by the time you get there.
2. She has way better clothes than you, so if you wait till she leaves the house in the morning, you can 'borrow' a cool outfit.
3. She got me kicked out of Canyon Park Junior High because I wore her VERY COOL culottes outfit to school. This was back in the Iron Age when girls couldn't wear pants. Of course, she didn't actually know I was wearing the outfit (see #2 above)
4. She gets to drive first, so you can scope out her car and decide which one is the coolest when you are ready to get your driver's license (Mustang).
5. She tells you about the good books, records, and magazines and usually has them, making it easy to 'borrow' (geez I guess I did a lot of 'borrowing' didn't I?)
6. She has kids before you, so you can do all the fun things with them, then go home.
7. She sews your wedding dress, and it's beautiful (don't laugh, 'peasant dresses' were IN in '74)
8. She's the best knitter you know, giving you a lofty goal to aim for.
9. She's always there when you need her; rides to/from the airport, couches and furniture for various apartments, dinner and breakfast anytime, and just a shoulder to lean on when it is needed.
10. She's the BEST companion on a knitting retreat! Doesn't even complain when you snore/cough/toss and turn all night. Plus talks to strangers so you don't have to.
Happy Birthday Susna! You are the BEST!!!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday Susan! Thanks for picking me up at the airport!

Lis said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice list. You were so lucky to have a young sister that you loaned things to!

Sue said...

Thanks Dodo - I am "the other one" to "Is that Laurie or . . . " ;}

Laurie said...

Lis, I don't think she actually ever loaned me stuff when we were kids, more like I swiped stuff as soon as she left the house. But nowadays, well she'd give me the shirt off her back, and has done so more than once :-* Lorene + Birdie 4EVAH

Katie said...

hey i LOVE your wedding dress, even 30 years later. it was so pretty!

Sue said...

I love your wedding dress too! It was a classic! Also love that your bridesmaids dresses matched your dishes!

zaideafraidey said...

so true, they were cute bmaid dresses. Happy day (very late) Mary Sue, you will eventually get your present per usual.