Friday, April 24, 2009

Reader's Theater

Liam was the narrator for today's 'Reader's Theater' performance in his 2nd grade class. It was very cute, the story was about a group at camp who thought they heard a bear -- turned out it was a snorer. He is reading so well now!
If you donated to his class' project on, the Reader's Theater was one of the items purchased. The kids really did a great job putting on their show and it was fun to watch reading come to life for them!


Cara said...

way too cute, you need to get some vids for those of us far away!!

Laurie said...

I promise. The boys did a 'dance party' for me last week that was TO DIE FOR. I had to work sooo hard not to laugh, bc they were very serious and had some awesome moves! BTW, MOVE HOME.