Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun With the P's

Steve and I enjoyed a lovely Easter lunch with the P's and friends. Although we couldn't convince Jon to drive over, we managed to have a fine time and the food was delish (with Lorraine and Bridget cooking, it was a no-miss deal).
The boys were up at 5:30 to see what the Easter Bunny had left. Smart EB left the eggs out in the front yard, so T-Rex couldn't gobble them up; he had to content himself with chewing up a wooden skateboard and a log in the backyard.

Although the weather was pretty nasty, a grand time was had by all, and Steve even rode his bike over to the party. He tried to convince me that there are 'no hills' between our house and Lorraine's, but I'm not buying it. I WILL ride Bertie the Bike over there sometime this spring/summer though! Just not yet...

Here are a few pix of the guys:

Alex explaining to Mikey about a 'knuckle sandwich'

Liam looking very smart in his glasses and wristwatch (and he is a great time-teller!)

Mikey asked for the 'butt' of the lamb cake, evidently that's the tastiest part :-)

RJ, the moving target, as usual. This is the clearest picture I was able to snap of him, with Bridget's cute dog Max.

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