Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help If You Can

This is my pal Liam's second grade class, and a worthy cause if you can help! Non-fiction is always Liam's choice at the library, and I love being able to help bring books to his classroom.
"I teach a brilliant bunch of second grade students. We are high-need, low income school.
Students need a variety of reading material at hand in order to become engaged readers! Second graders love non-fiction text which we currently have very little of in our classroom. We also have limited space in which to display books.
I found this great bookstand which needs little space, yet provide a front faced view of books. This provides excitement and motivation to read non-fiction text. We study communities and bees in second grade, and the texts I have chosen will enhance our curriculum units!
Only through your generous gifts can we provide excellent reading opportunities for our students. Our children need to read non-fiction books which creates learning opportunities and motivation to learn more! Thank you for your willingness to make a difference!

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Lis said...

Guilt trip? Just kidding.

Laurie said...

oh total guilt trip. But I also really like the DonorsChoose.org website; it has tons of worthy projects in the public schools all over the place.

Dr. John Maszka said...


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