Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Massacre

Since today is Easter, I thought I'd retell a favorite family story, the infamous "Easter Massacre".

Way back in the 60s, the fam traveled in a ginormous station wagon, and pretty much ignored any seat belts that might have been in the car. We were traveling home from our annual Easter dinner with the grandparents, with Mom, Dad and Baby Jon in the front seat, Judy, Susan and Ray in the middle seat, Joe, B-Z and me in the 'way back', and Lisa & Jamie stuffed in the tiny area between the middle and way back seats. Some of us were holding our new made in Japan Easter Bunnies, which (as we were to soon find out) featured eyeballs that popped out pretty easily.
As we toodled down Bothell Way, disaster! We were hit by a car! Now here's where the collective memory of various Sundstroms collides: in my version of the Easter Massacre, we were hit practically head-on. Stuff went flying everywhere, including the dangerous eyeballs (which had little points on them to hold them in the bunny eyesockets), and we careened to a halt right next to the vet's office on the corner of Bothell Way and Ballinger Way.
Luckily, no injuries except to the poor bunnies. And a family legend was born. Feel free to add your own memories of T.E.M.!!!


Sue said...

I think the being stuffed in the car so tight saved everyone from flying around. All I remember is Judy screaming hysterically and Dad being mad about it.

Laurie said...

of course Judy screamed hysterically, that was basically her favorite thing to do. JK Jude!

zaideafraidey said...

I think of the EM every time I travel through LFP. Yes, it was head on and do remember we ended up at the vets office I think facing the wrong direction. I do remember my bunny having no eyes, that they were just inch long tacks/nails into the head of the bunny. So many safety faux pas in those days. Of course no seat belts, pretty amazing. I don't remember any screaming. And the only time I remember dad being irritated by anything is when you were laughing so hard at one of my hi-jinx at the dinner table that milk squirted out your nose.

Cara said...

there is nothing better than hearing the easter massacre story! well, maybe the bundles in the suit at pins and fins!!

Laurie said...

lol, that is what happens when you 'funny around'. And def. PNF is one of my all-time favorites.