Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Die For

Tatum and Logan in their beautiful Spring frocks AND a matching dress for the American Girl Doll. I die.


Meg said...

I die that you wrote I die. This is why I love you Lavs. Are you a Rachel Zoe watcher? And these two did look fabu as always. I got a little lip from Josh at Easter because Hads was looking pretty sassy herself and he told me to back off a little because his girls are 'THE' fancy Narodes, and do not like being upstaged.

Laurie said...

ha ha, way to defend your territory J. Narode. No, I've only watched Zoe once, I guess I am just naturally hip and whatnot. Katie freaked out bc I said "panic in the disco" the other day.

Katie said...

haha, yeah i totally was shocked when she pulled that one out... i still don't know how you've heard of them LOL. and i love that Josh called you out on Hads being 'too fancy'.