Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can't Forget Cuzzy Kipper

Happy BD (yesterday) Toj!

I couldn't locate any good baby pix of the Kipper from the box of horrors (aka the old photos in the garage), like of him crying in the dugout after he struck out, or tormenting the girls, or even walking around with underpants on his head (I'm sure he must have done that). However, I did find this one, and I assure you that you are IN this picture, albeit in utero:

Bet you didn't know your mom was ever this young (let alone Mimi!) Love ya, and hope you and your darling family had a faboo party!


zaideafraidey said...

Yes Kipper is definitely in there, looks as though he's soon to come out. We do look young!!!

Sue said...

well - you were only 12 for god's sake!!! what a fun time!

Katie said...

i was gonna say... weren't you like Tate's age? ;)

Meg said...

You guys kill me! LOVE IT!!! And there is no guarantee that's not me in the tummy...just sayin'.