Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to Work!

FINALLY we all made it back on schedule after a full week off for snow (tho we are supposed to get more tonight god forbid). Here's how my morning went:

We made it to school about 1 minute before 9. Mostly due to not being able to find Alex's sneakers, which created a crisis cuz today is PE. He tried to sneak RJ's shoes into his backpack, didn't work. But we found some old ones in the hall closet and hopefully he can cram his feet in them. I was informed that his Crocs would NOT work as he cannot run in them (though I saw him running, bike riding, etc in them all summer)

Liam got mad bc it wasn't his day to sit in the front seat and decided to walk to school. I told him 2x to come get in the car and when he didn't, I went ahead and started up the hill. Well of course that produced tears etc. when I drove past him. The other boys begged me to stop for him (they ARE good to their tribe when the chips are down), which I had intended to do, just wanted to put a little FOG (fear of God) into Liam. When he got in the car, he was crying and told me "Laurie, you made me very sad." By the time we got to school, he was pretty much over the whole trauma.

Mikey got in trubs for throwing his bowl of oatmeal on the floor, and of course the brothers defended him against meanie Laurie. But we kissed and made up and all is well.

RJ was taking cupcakes to school for his 'half birthday' (a great invention by teachers for all us kids with summer birthdays). Thank goodness, they made it into the classroom without incident.

Now all we have to do this afternoon is pick up all boys, eat our snacks, play outside, do our homework, eat dinner, take baths, go to speech, read a story, get back rubs and then nighty night. Then Gramma Laurie goes home and has a nice glass of wine!


Unknown said...

Did you make it to your appointment on time Laurie Ann! Sounds like quite the morning.

Laurie said...

as their mom said "sounds like a typical Parlange morning". And my appt is on Wed. If I start getting ready now I might make it ;-)

Meg said...

Maybe tonight you deserve a bottle! Yikes, what a day. And I'm pretty much assuming this is just an average day. I love that you were mean Aunt Laurie...and glad you're still doing the same old tricks you did to all of us.

Laurie said...

well I haven't yet told them 'it's an outside day' then locked the door, but I'm sure that is coming soon. '-)

Sue said...

I would need to sleep for a week after a morning like that! Although the Noodle is starting to get a little TOO independent at times now

Katie said...

yeah, sounds typical! :) love those hooligans... And Sue, no worries about Tate, cuz these boys were just as bad at age 3