Monday, February 18, 2008

Mitten Mania!

It probably would have been better if I had gotten into knittin' mitten mode a couple of weeks ago when the snow was falling fast and deep, but I figure there will still be some winter left...
I am working on mittens for all four boys. I've finished the ones for the twins (Gator Mitts with 'claws' for Alex and Flip Top Mittens for Liam) and I'm on to Pirate/Skull Mittens for RJ, which I hope he'll be able to wear a time or two before he loses them (unlike the cool Pirate/Skull hat I knit for him last year which he lost immediately). Once these are done, I'm finishing up with Buggy Mittens for Mikey. By then, I figure the snow will all have melted away.

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