Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Megalina Pegalina

Happy Birthday Mrs. Meg Prentice! Seems like only yesterday you and your fam were living just up the street in beeyootiful Frontier Heights and we got to see you all the time!

You and your mama were at a Halloween party at our house (1980, don't ask me WHY I was hosting a costume party, I really have no idea). Mama came as a bee of course, and you are evidently costumed as Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt:

Talk about being ahead of the gossip curve.

Hope you and your darling family have a wonderful celebration! And just let Ry know that Hads' (lack of) hair obviously doesn't come from YOUR side of the family.


Sue said...

megalina pegalina - seems like only yesterday . . . love you

Katie said...

wow, switched at birth? OMG Megs if you are Brangelina's illegitimate child I would be so stoked!

Sue said...

the phot of the B looks like Jamie

Meg said...

You would be so stoked because you'd FINALLY have seen someone famous. Thanks for the shout out Lowdie, I love it! Great pic and thanks for letting me steal it.