Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poor Susna!

Poor Sister Sue! She is stuck at home taking care of her hubby Tom, who has just had knee surgery. I hear reports that her nursing skills are being tested BIG TIME. Now where are the angels of mercy (aka nurse Megs and nurse Katie) when they are really needed? One's jogging down Finn Hill with a ginormous black lab and a big ole stroller and the other is stalking celebs in So Cal.
Get well SOON Tom!


Sue said...

Thank you for your kind words - it has been exhausting - he is way worse than the babies for sure! So i haven't folded him up in the hide-a-bed and i will try to keep smiling!

Laurie said...

good wife! I only allow Steve 3 days of any sort of illness before I kick him out of bed.

Meg said...

I could steal ya some morphine, that should shut him up for awhile. Poor Susna, sick people suck;).