Monday, February 4, 2008

GRRRR! Is Right!

Remember the adorable sweater I knit last week for Michael? I noticed a tiny hole up by the tail when he wore it for the first time. So I decided to take it home and wash it then fix anything that needed fixing. To my horror, when it came out of the dryer, the %@&^$ thing was full of holes and ladders!
I've done intarsia knitting many times and have never had anything like this happen. It seemed to have occurred mainly at the areas where the red and brown yarns ended/started. I KNOW I twisted the yarns around each other and everything looked fine when I had finished, so I'm stumped as to why this would have happened. The yarn IS very soft and kind of 'slippery' and I'm wondering if that was the cause. I'm def. never using this yarn again.
Non-knitters, you can ignore this post. And Mr. Grrrr is all fixed now. Mikey will be very happy!


Meg said...

Glad it's fixed, I was about to tell you "nevermind, we don't want this hand-me-down".

Sue said...

"Life is too short for Cheap Yarn" Missy - next time - Lamb's Pride at least!

Laurie said...

what can I say, I used the yarn that the pattern called bad.

Sue said...

you should write the company (berroco??) and tell them what happened - let them send you some fab yarn for another project - your intarsia is FINE