Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy Morning!

School mornings are busy mornings! For some of us anyway...Mikey, Riveria and Alex devote a little pre-school time to the Gameboy (not very long, Mom, don't hate!)

Liam used his time a little more productively. He asked about Hawaii, so he and I checked wikipedia for some good pictures and dreamed about an island getaway (we were both impressed with the avg. January temp of 80..) When we found lava/volcano pictures, he was on cloud 9. We printed out a few and he practiced his writing by noting a few volcano tidbits on his little 'book', which he took to school to show his teacher. Bonus points!!!


Katie said...

what?!! shouldn't these boys be sleeping or something if they have all this free time in the am?! i am impressed.

Laurie said...

oh they get up early, they don't want to miss any of the fun! We do lots of cuddling and rocking in the rock. chair in the AM too

Meg said...

Cute boys...they're lucky to have their Aunt Lowdie.