Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Annual Christmas Panic

Every year, I think "hmmm if I put away gifts all year, why I won't be in panic mode in December". Do I do this? Of course not!
So now it is a mere 13 days till Christmas, and I think I have purchased a total of 5 gifts (3 of which are evidently lost in the mail) So I approach the holidays in a merry state of panic! NO gifts, NO ideas. But hopefully I'll get inspired here soon (and Santa will start raining hundreds down the chimney)
If not, I always think a gift has much more impact when it is given after the event-- no competition with piles of other presents right? ;-)
It's my day off today! Fluther Central is an absolute pigsty, so I thought I might spend a little time cleaning. Or I might just curl up with a warm blankie and a cuppa joe and a good book.


Sue said...

I buy and put things away all year - but when it comes time to wrap, I have put them away TOO well - so share your Christmas Panic! Praise Baby Jebus!

Meg said...

L, I'm with ya! But then I'm a total Mimi and forget I ever got the present and when I do realize I just decide to give the person both anyways. SO don't do it, it costs more in the long run.