Friday, December 14, 2007

Sweaters 2, 3 and 4!

I finished the Scandinavian cardigans for the boys (still have to put buttons on but all the knitting and blocking is done!)
I am a little heartsick tho. I left them soaking in cool water and a little detergent and when I took them out, the red yarn had run!!!! yikes! Now each sweater has a couple of light red spots. Kind of looks like the boys already wore them and ate candy canes, then wiped their faces on the sweaters.
Not sure if I will try again to get the red out or just give them as is and hand out the canes along with the sweaters. :-(


Meg said...

Give em' some candy, they'll never even notice. They're boys after all. Now if you were to pull a fast one on Tater...well, that's a different story!

Carol said...

Sometimes when you wash sweaters there is a problem with bleeding of colors but this rare with all the new yarns out today. Test a piece of yarn in water let it soak to see if it will run. Another thing my Mom did was add vinegar to water and this is suppose to prevent running of colors. Your sweaters are so beautiful.