Monday, December 24, 2007

Cabin Fun!

Kip with the princesses.

Hads, Katie and Megs dish about Jamie Lynn Spears getting knocked up -- Hads was sorely disappointed in JL's behavior.

Cara and the Conjoined at the Hip Twins...

various pix from the CABIN. Oh what a nice place it is to spend a winter weekend! Since Tony was Mr. super dishwasher, we might get invited back someday ;-) We had a great time visiting with B & Bob (Zaide and Baba), Megs, Ry and Hads, plus Kip, Lis and Mads came up Sunday morning. Real troupers to brave the snow and bad driving conditions!

The little girls are incredibly darling, and their parents are the best. And Zaide & Baba couldn't be any crazier about their grandbabies I'm pretty sure. We did get to see Hadley cry (yep she does cry on occasion), and flash her mega-smile even more often than the tears. BTW, this girl is on her way to professional modeling. When the camera comes out, she rallies to pose no matter how she is feeling.

And Madeline DOES exist! I was starting to think maybe Lis was just photoshopping pictures of her, since we hadn't yet met her in person. But I can verify that she's for reals, and as cute as can be. She wore her festive holiday skirt and blouse, and looked very precious. We tried for a photo of her laying in the snow in her 'Randy' snowsuit, but she was a little bit pissed that she had to wear it, so I don't think we got one.


Unknown said...

Nope, no Randy picture. But once, Lis sees the movie, she'll know just what to do! Thanks for sharing the cabin fun with us Davis', Prentice's, and Davis'. Couldn't have asked for a better time during Christmas break!

Meg said...

Geeze, no comments on any of these posts. At least I was out of town people, where is the love? Love all the pics of the cuzzies and the babies.

Laurie said...

I KNOW> My feelings are very hurt. Boo to all of you! except P and Meg