Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

The big day at last! We're waiting for the girls to wake up then we'll head over for the craziness with our little boys.

Cara & Tony went home yesterday and we miss them like 60! We opened our gifts yesterday and boy did I get some good stuff:

  • Panini Press (we used it for dinner last night, yum)
  • Kara Irish Pottery pieces (pie dish, mixing bowl and au gratin pan in Aran knitting designs--beautiful!)
  • Membership to 24 Hour Fitness
  • Trip to Italy IOU for next year!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Sue said...

so did someone else give you the pie plate i have wrapped up for you?? sounds like a glorious visit -

Unknown said...

Katie got one for her because you can't have too many pie pans!

Laurie said...

and I ordered one for YOU which hasn't come yet

Sue said...

oh good - we are all even - and i will keep yours wrapped up so be surprised when you get it!

Meg said...

Cute pic. Finally a victorian kid I like.

Laurie said...

it's the peaches. No Sundstrom can resist.