Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's been strongly suggested that I blog, so that T. Cruise's hideousness is not the first thing you see...

Just got back from my 3 day Seattle trip.  Here's what I did:
  • endured the long boring drive over.  Stopped about 4 times so I didn't fall asleep and crash.  BORING, did I mention that?
  • Met up with the sisters (B, Susna and Clare) at Mom's house for an initial clean up and to meet the estate sale ladies.  Despite going through every item in Mom's room, her missing diamond ring was not found.  We were really hoping it was in a "secret hiding place" aka a shoe.  No luck.  The estate sale gals were enthusiastic about working with us and confident they could do well with Mom's stuff.  Don't think there are any "Antique Road Show moments" in store, but she has a lot of very nice Northwest art pieces and lots of good household stuff.  So the sale is tentatively set for mid-June.
  • Had a fun lunch with the sisters.  Clare regaled us with the exploits of hubby Bill (aka Where's Waldo, Forrest Gump or Zelig), who has been on periphery of EVERY public event of the last 10 years (sample convo: "Honey, turn on the TV!  To the coverage of the G-8 Summit!  Now look to the right of the giant palm tree next to the stage!  See that tall blond guy lurking behind the tree?  It's ME!  I thought this ball room was where our conference breakfast was being held, but it turns out it's a gathering of world leaders!  And I got right in!")
  • Also, I am convinced that Jamie and Bill's house is built on an INDIAN BURIAL GROUND.  Seriously, the weirdest stuff happens there.  Escaped felons running naked through their yard.  Terrifying biting fresh water eels.  Swamp people.  Rats trying to bite their way out of the cabin.  Etc. Etc.
  • Visited Mom at her new adult family home.  Run by great people and with wonderful care providers.  Of course, she doesn't want to be there.  And is a bit more confused than the last time I was there.  But she was glad to see B & me, and enjoyed an outing to Target for a couple of summer weight tops.  Although she will probably continue to wear her favorite sparkly sweatshirt :-)
  • Enjoyed delicious dinners cooked by my favorite chef, B-Z.  If I had half the skill in the kitchen (or half the enjoyment of cooking) I'd be thrilled.  She gave me her recipe for this yumm-o chicken dish with feta and green beans and I will definitely be cooking that.  And finagling another invite to stay at her house!
  • Went to see "Dark Shadows" with B.  So fun!  The two of us LOVED this soap when we were kids, and it was a fun movie. 
  • Got to see two of the babies.  Meg stopped by with Hads and Carson (plus they were at Zaide's house when I got there Wednesday)  My two favorite moments:
  • Hadley offered to share her Teddy Grahams with me, and I told her "no thanks, I'm trying to lose some weight".  She looked me over very seriously and said "Auntie Laurie, you don't need to lose any weight".  What a sweetheart.
  • Carson was M.A.D. that his mama wouldn't let him play out in Mimi's front yard.  She carried him in kicking and screaming bloody murder.  As soon as she put "Furious George" down, he marched over to Mimi's chair and threw it over with all his might.  I'll show YOU, Mom!
Hoping to get back over soon for another visit!


Sue said...

Yes! Come back soon! I forgot to give you your knitting books from Great Yarns, etc.

Wewill have to do a sister lunch again - haven't laughed that hard for a while!

Laurie said...

for sure the best lunch companions ever!

MrsB said...

Hahahaaaaaa. :).

Unknown said...

Glad you had such a great visit mom. I'll have to road trip with you on the next go-around!

Lis said...

Aww! What a mostly fun sounding trip. The lake Samm house...not so much. I don't want anything touching me when I swim.