Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Day Out for the Old Lady

The girls were kind enough to take me to the movies today.  And as always when I choose the film, they were the only people under 50 in the theater.

We saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", which I loved (and I think they enjoyed it too).  Most of my favorite Brits were in the cast except my gal Helen M.  It was a sweet movie, almost made me want to go to India.

We did a little shopping too: I bought a hoodie at the Gap as I was freezing (evidently I thought the 90 degree temps Cara and I were discussing this morning were here in Spokane.  Instead, it's that warm in DC and in Austin.  Here -- cold.)  Pia bought some cute shoes at Nordy's half-yearly sale.  Katie bought the World's Cutest Swimsuit and Matching Swim Cap for her pal Sarah's baby girl (due in the fall).  Hopefully Katie will show pictures bc this outfit was To. Die. For.


Lis said...

baby clothes, for girls especially, are always TDF. Yay for going out. totally understand the freezing movie theaters though. That a/c always makes my stomach hurt. random, i know.

Unknown said...

That outfit was adorns as are my new shoes. I will post stat. The movie was very fun, but mom wasn't kidding about the age range. I think I saw two other people in their 20/30's who also appeared to be there with a parent... :)