Monday, May 14, 2012

Cannot. Unsee.

Instant sweeper of the Razzies, "Rock of Ages", is now Instant Winner of Worst Magazine Cover of The Year (AND worst Photoshop)

Seriously, I have these questions and observations:

  1. How many boxes did Tom Cruise have to stand on to be taller than those models?  2? 3?
  2. Could they not have found a makeup artist/FX person who could paint on decent-looking fake tattoos?
  3. Ditto with the painted-on abs.
  4. Ugh, his NIPPLE.
  5. Lay off the Photoshop on the face please.  
  6. Who is the target audience for this movie?  I cannot think of a single demographic who might want to see it.  Other than Scientologists?
  7. Also, his extensions.  Lindsey Lohan called, she wants them back.


Katie said...

it's all horrifying.

cannot unsee.

and the hand heading down his pants??? i threw up in my mouth a little.

Sue said...

Katie - you were right on about everything - ugh!

Lis said...

Omg! This is the most hilarious post ever. I totally
Was like, is that his nipple?! Eeww! I thought his and we're real though. I am dying laughing.

Meg said...

You are HILARIOUS. This is HIDEOUS. You had me at 'how many boxes did he have to stand on.' Classic. And trust me, at least four.