Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Go-To Movie

She denies it, but I swear we have watched "Wall-E" at least once a week for the last year.  Every time there's nothing on TV, this is Katie's go-to movie.

Better than "The American President", her other favorite when there's nothing on.  God, I hate that movie on every level.


Katie said...

haha! i <3 the Am Pres. what's not to love - Annette Bening and Michael Douglas??? Perfection.

Just be happy i'm not forcing you to watch Contact.

And Wall-E 4-Ever!!!!!!

Meg said...

You hate American President? Who are you!?!??! My go to...Shawshank.

Laurie said...

I was just informed by my daughters that I have NO sense of humor. So there's that problem.

Shawshank is an acceptable go-to movie. American Pres. NO.