Thursday, May 3, 2012

499 Miles Closer

So our "Bring Em Home 2.0" campaign is bearing fruit.  Just not the fruit we hoped.

Cara and Tony have been lobbying their boss relentlessly to get them jobs here in Spokane, so they can spit the East Coast for good.

We had a glimmer of hope last week that they would be back home by summer.  Alas, the guy who has Cara's job here doesn't seem all that willing to give it up.  And (so far) her bosses can't find a good reason to fire him.

So they are pretty sure they're going to take the jobs offered in Austin (TEXAS), with a 2 year commitment, then home (and it could be less time)  That's 499 miles closer to Spokane!  And about 50 degrees hotter year round.

We're all a little (really, a lot) disappointed that jobs couldn't be found here in the great NW.  But Austin actually seems pretty cool.  I'm all for a city that has a statue of Willie Nelson.  And BBQ.  WHEN they actually make the move (and if you know these two, one doesn't make any plans until the moving van is packed and on the road), I'll head down for a visit and to see if Austin is a place I might want to mooch off this set of kids for a bit :-)  That hot weather is making me nervous though.

We'll be trolling the Carquest parking lots to try to run over this guy who won't give up his job for our Virginians.


Sue said...

good for closer - boo for Texas (ANY part) - it's all about the water. . . which is HORIBBLE. But if one must be in Texas, Austin would be the best place to be . . . only 60 miles from everywhere!

zaideafraidey said...

I hear that Austin is a really great city.

Lis said...

I have heard Austin is a blast. Glad they're still moving westward.

Meg said...

Oh boy...this is great. That's a whole lot closer than stupid Virginia. Plus they will be close to all the 'biggest things'. Ball of yarn, cowboy boot, flute, etc.