Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day is the Best

Of course, my kids treat me like a queen EVERY day, but yesterday was especially nice!

We started off the day with a delicious brunch that Katie and Pia cooked: a Strata with strawberries and syrup, bacon and mimosas.  Yum.
Then we went for a walk through Manito Park.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, flowers are finally starting to bloom, and there were tons of families picnicking in the park.

 Lulu loved the walk.  The Gentle Leader, not so much.

Pia claims Katie and I are always squishing her out of our self-pics.  I guess this is the photographic proof.

I got 100 K-Cups in my favorite French Roast and 4 sessions with Pia's trainer at the gym.  I'm excited about that (a little nervous too, I have NO core strength and broken arm is still like a spaghetti noodle)  Had a nice call from the Virginians; they are heading to Austin this weekend to find a place to live, and their moving date is sometime in mid-June.  I'll  miss having a reason to visit our nation's capital, but Austin looks pretty fun!


Katie said...

yay for a beautiful, relaxing day!!! you deserved it!

and i HATE Lulu's super-butch leader/leash.

Laurie said...

Think Pink! Get her a new set of duds

Unknown said...

It was a fantastic day for world's best mother.

Lis said...

You guys are the best. My children did not get the mother's day memo.

How about a black CIA lead? The blue is not good.

Meg said...

They are lucky to have you. We are ALL lucky to have you. You rule Auntie a mom, as an auntie, as a sister, as a get my drift.