Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'm having such a lovely Christmas morning!  Although the Virginians are not here, we did "facetime" chat with them and we are planning our 2012 Christmas vacation somewhere warm...

Here are some pix of gifts I got:
 Cara & Tony sent me a super cute purse (my favorite red!), a new wallet which I sorely needed, and these kind of creepy yoga toe socks.  Which may be the best gift ever as they have gripper soles --- broken arm prevention!
 Pia knit this darling hat for me!  AND gave me a Nook, which I'm very excited about!  Even though I swore I wouldn't ever succumb to the e-reader.  I take it back after several airplane rides lugging heavy books.
 Christmas Joan!  Lulu got an adorable stocking knit by her mama full of goodies
And here's the darling Christmas Stocking Katie knit for me, I love it!  I'm so excited that these girls are knitters, someone to share my favorite pastime.  Plus, she gave me a beautiful Vera Bradley knitting bag.

Hope you all are having a lovely holiday!


Cara said...

did you get your titanic ticket from dad and patty?

Laurie said...

YES! So sweet of them to include me in the gift! Can't wait!

Lis said...

Did you get the nook color? If so I'll mail you a case/cover.

Laurie said...

I got the Simple, not the color. But I love it even in black and white