Friday, December 16, 2011

Go Eags!

Mom and I headed over to Issaquah to watch Sam and Aimee (our tall Nordic cousins) play some high school basketball.  Mom stayed interested for all of Sam's game, and I managed to keep her there for the first quarter of Aimee's game.

Kingco doesn't allow 9th graders to play varsity, so Sammy is killing it on the JV.  Very entertaining game, the Eagles stormed back from a 12 point deficit to win by 2!  Both teams were pretty spazzy, Sam's definitely the talent on his team :-)

Not only is Aims a Nordic princess/goddess, she's a very talented athlete.  A junior this year, she is being wooed by quite a few Div 1 schools.  Our pal Jennifer Mountain at Santa Clara has the inside track so far, we are hoping Aimee will go there.  Who doesn't want to go to college at the beach?

Lois doing the hippy hippy shake to the drum line.  LOL, she's always ready for a little bump and grind.  Claire smiles for the camera.

Two very talented athletes who will make their marks on the league!  Watch for them in the paper!


Unknown said...

Can't believe you got Mimi to stay there so long. Great job. And yea for Sam and Aimee. Love that there is another generation of basketball players in the family. :)

Cara said...

love that pic of lois. still spunky!