Thursday, December 8, 2011

Giving It Another Try

Y'all remember I signed up for a "Yoga in the Park" class last summer -- then couldn't find the class IN the park.

Well, I'm giving yoga another chance.  I REALLY need to do more regular exercise, and I figure a class will get me started.  So I signed up for a class at the yoga studio that's a few blocks away (so not only will I get exercise IN the class, I'll get more exercise walking to and from the studio!)

The class I signed up for is called "FOGIS", as in ... old fogies.  It's for old farts.  Which is just my speed.  As Katie will attest (we went to a yoga class together recently), I am completely without grace or any sense of balance.  While I'm hoping the class is perhaps a bit more than "Sit and Be Fit" on a yoga mat, I'm probably not ready for much more than that.

It's a start.  First class next Tuesday!  Make me go!

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