Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Airport Book Store

Yay for Hudson News!  I knew they would have the latest Ann Rule true crime book, and they did not disappoint.  I happily read gory crime stories all the way home from Seattle to Spokane.

Susna gave me a suitcase full of old photos and whatnot, so I will be sharing some great family pix with y'all.  I had a good stay with Mom, she knew who I was for the most part.  That lady has the most AMAZING ability to gather herself when she's speaking to an old friend.  She got a phone call from some old guy, and happily chatted with him without a single moment of forgetfulness.  Of course, she had no idea who he was, but you sure wouldn't know it to hear her talk :-)

It's good to be home after 10 days away.  I have lots to do, and Lulu is pining for her mama, who is gone for a week, so  I have to fill in with the dog duties.  We may hit the dog park later today, exciting!


Katie said...

Yay for Ann Rule! And SO happy you are there for dog duty! Miss Lulu would love a trip to the dp... :D

Laurie said...

It's cold today! She is curled up on the couch right now, but maybe this afternoon the two lorcas will get outdoors.