Friday, December 23, 2011

My Baby Tony

This is my baby.  Must have been on Easter, I think I spot a little chocolate bunny drool...

Here are my favorite things about Baby Tony:

  1. Mr. Photosensitive ALWAYS.  There is no picture of my little man taken outdoors where he is not painfully squinting into the light.
  2. Round head, round eyes, round everything.  So cute.
  3. Smelled like HOT DIRT when you sniffed his head.  Megan, get ready for this delightful boy perfume.  It's the best.
  4. Did NOT like to have anything unbuttoned.  Ever. Always had the shirt buttoned up to the top button. If he could also have long sleeves, so much the better.
  5. Favorite activity: lining up his Little Cars down our long hallway.  In a VERY straight line.  And had a hissy fit if you messed up his line in any way.
  6. Second favorite activity: helping his dad at the shop.  Or following around our handyman Virgil, his idol.
  7. Enjoyed getting his hair cut at Sandy's Barber Shop.  Which still exists and has a chair waiting for him.
  8. Once had to get a hep shot (along with me and his dad) when we ate lunch at Burger King.  Which then announced that one of their employees had the hep.
  9. Probably lofted more "granny shots" at the Saint George's Gym than any other kid except Pat Thomas
  10. Totally beaned Marguerite with that pop can.
  11. Loved soccer from age 5 to his state championship winning penalty shot his senior year.
  12. Tolerated his mother's love of baseball, by gamely playing on a lame youth sports team every year.  Go Waffles Plus Warriors!
  13. Is the best son and brother ever.  Love you like sixty Baby Tony!


Katie said...

Love our Teen Tawn. Such a great bruddy, who turned into a heck of a guy all around! Happy birthday, enjoy your last year in your 20s! And please refrain from throwing any more cans at defenseless old ladies.

Laurie said...

unless they totally deserve it (I'm thinking of YOU, Lois)