Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Christmas on Tekoa St!

Our tree is up and there are presents under it.  Let the festivities commence.

Our tree has a good collection of new and old ornaments:

Old: "Baby's First Christmas", the sequined Mickey Mouse I made for Pia when she was a baby (it's fugly but traditional), the Santa Claus made in Occupied Japan from Rosaia Bros, two blown egg ornaments Lois made in her crafty years (60s-70s).

New: Lois & Walt's Pawprints, the FUCK ornament (Megan knows what Katie likes!), lots of cute snowmen.

As I was unwrapping ornaments, I discovered the ones Pia gave me a few years ago in THE CIRCUS GENRE.  And we know how I feel about that genre.  They're around the back of the tree

I may finish my Advent Tree ornaments (started 2 years ago, ran out of steam when I got to the not as cute ones), IF I can find the pattern book.  Which I've seen weekly for 2 years but of course cannot find now.


Cara said...

looks cute!

Unknown said...

I will be moving Circus Genre to the front if you don't watch it lady! Plus, they move, so even better/creepier.

Lis said...

The advent calendar ornaments sound darling!

Meg said...

Such a cute little higglety-pigglety tree. One more present is on its way:).

Laurie said...

esp the tippy-tonks Santa up top :)