Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All Is Right With Our World

Katie is home AT LAST.  She has been back east for 10 days or some hideous amount of time.  Lulu has been an absolute wreck, missing her mama like sixty.  I am sure I saw a huge sigh of relief when Katie walked in the door last night.

PS I know you hate this pic, Katie.  Sorry it's the only one I had on my computer :-)

PSS.  She was an amazing knitter on her trip, even visiting yarn stores!  I'm so proud


Cara said...

we miss her already, even though she only spent like one day with us!!!

Lis said...

I was wondering about that pic! I was like, did she take another one exactly like the one Katie hated? Hilarious.

Katie said...


and I am SO happy to be home. Although yes i needed more time with the Virginians. :( But it was a great trip, and perhaps I'll blog about it when Lulu gives me a little breathing room!

Meg said...

Poor Lu...I would never leave my kids. Oh wait...I have...like six times...and my oldest is only 4. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Laurie said...

but your kids get Zaids and Baba and Ry's parents and trip books and who knows what all. Poor Lulu gets boring Grammy. The only thing I do is let her sleep on my pillow.

She was threatening to cut herself if her mom didn't get home soon!