Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time Out for Girls!

I love my boys, but it's fun to see some girl action too! Here are some adorable pix I stole from Pam's Facebook page:

It's blistering hot in Seattle! Loggie and Tate beat the heat in super cute swimwear. Um, how adorable is the suit with the built-in grass skirt and lei?

Tatum, jump roper (or rope jumper) extraordinaire!

Two Safety Susans with their big ole dresses and shoes, plus helmets. We are NOT going to be having any brain damage when we ride our bikes!


Katie said...

Tate's got the J.Lo cleavage going on... ;)

Laurie said...

she IS Ms. Project Runway ya know :)

Sue said...

not only is she FIERCE - but now she is sassy as well!

Laurie said...

haha, love the sassy first grader! Sorry Loutie, you are getting your own self for a child