Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun At the Pool #2

The boys and I braved the huge throng of swimmers and spent the afternoon at the new Shadle Park swimming pool. Although there was only about a square foot of space per swimmer, we had a great time. The City of Spokane has done a great job building the new pools, and at only a buck per person (though it used to be FREE) I'd say it's a darn good deal for a hot afternoon.

Mikey was VERY excited to try out his new snorkel, mask and flippers. He wore them from the time he got up until we got to the pool.


Lis said...

Shadel like Shick Shadel? I have no idea how to spell that. sounds fab!

Laurie said...

haha I never know how to spell that either. Every time I hear Pat O'Day blabbing about it, I wonder HOW the heck people find the website bc who knows how to spell it?!