Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Animal Planet!

The boys and I had an exciting adventure yesterday! We arrived at Whitworth U. for their reading lessons, and noticed a police car and an animal control guy with a big net. Since we had time to kill before reading started and snacks to eat, we wandered over to see what was happening.

A BIG Bald Eagle was on the ground, and the animal control officer was trying to catch him/her in the net (it was reportedly injured). The news guys showed up to take some pix (must have been a slow news day) and channel 6 interviewed the boys! Alex made the final cut and here is his moment of fame. BTW, the eagle flew off so I guess it must have been ok. Sorry this is such a poor quality video; I have to find umpteen special cables to copy it directly off of the tv. If I do track them down I'll re-record the clip and re-post it!


Cara said...

he sounds so old now!!!

Meg said...

Hey ghetto bootlegger, maybe you should move to New York and make this a profession, you could have a future in this. Is there NOTHING going on in Spokane, possibly a shooting at Arthur Court??? He does sound pretty darn cute, wish I was on the news.

Laurie said...

lol, I AM good aren't I? And the Court is all upscale now, the 'hood is getting nice, hardly scary at all. I do think of you whenever I drive by there tho (with the doors locked natch)