Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wait A Minute!

I just read the email I got from Lorraine about the Marshmallow Shooter! Here it is:

yes they would love it

Doesn't that look like a "YES" to you?!! OMG shooting smarshmallows 30 feet, this will bring our camping trips to a whole new level of fun and tears!


Unknown said...

I can't believe she said yes. I see TROUBLE coming out of this little gadget, but bring it on Lowdie.

Laurie said...

as long as I get one for each boy, there's a fair chance no one will have a meltdown (until he takes a smarshmallow in the 'nuts' as they love to say whenever their mom isn't around)

Meg said...

Forgot about little boys saying "nuts", you made me giggle...not thinking about little boys nuts, just them SAYING it...to clear up any confusion.

Laurie said...

gotcha. They worship the naughty word esp if it refers to the crotchular area. Girls are NOT like this!

Unknown said...

Their mom is fighting a losing battle there. I think it's an inherent boy thing...they have preprogrammed genes to think about their privates all the time.

Megs, you make me giggle. :)