Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Blustery Weekend!

It's a good day to curl up in front of the TV with the knitting. Grey and windy and cold! Our yard is full of leaves; that means it needs to snow very soon so we don't have to look at them on the ground anymore :-)

I seem to have a plethora of WIPs (works in progress) right now. These are just the ones sitting in my basket right now:
  1. socks in Online City Color yarn in the Seattle colorway (think blue, green and grey) Sock #1 is almost done. It's stripey.
  2. Princess Leah wig/hat for Pia's Halloween costume. One 'bun' to knit then it's done.
  3. Alex's Ninja mask for his Halloween costume. Haven't started it yet, so better get busy!
  4. Doll panties and stockings. I was supposed to make these AGES ago, but got sidetracked. The pants are almost done. The stockings are going to be a real challenge, with some short row action to shape the feet.
  5. Liam's Pirate Hat. Not started yet, but the yarn is in the basket waiting patiently.

Plus I have a stack of books I want to read. And housework galore that could be done. I guess it is a good thing the weather is nasty, maybe I'll get at least one of these things accomplished (prolly not the housework tho)


Meg said...

I feel the same way about the leaves...wish they'd just magically disappear. Ummm, you prolly should get started on the Halloween Costumes, since it's like a week away! And I am reading the best book that you guys must read: Jodi Piccoult- Second Glance. SOOOOO good, but then again, I love anything by her.

Laurie said...

I'll have to get that book, I like her too. And I KNOW it's almost halloween, eek! We may have to resort to the dollar store, which they'd prefer anyways.