Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Actually Left the House Today!

yep, for reals! It was such a pretty day, I decided to go do a little thrift store shopping (because that's how I roll) I got a bunch of good patterns to sell on my website, which is always a good feeling. Recycling, ya know.

I also indulged in a little yarn store shopping at my lys, A Grand Yarn. They had Shi Bui sock yarn, which is new to me. But I just happened to have a pattern for these cool opera length fingerless gloves, that are made in this yarn, so two skeins hopped in my bag. I'm thinking Christmas for a certain lady I know who ALWAYS has cold hands...

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Unknown said...

I'm so proud of my agoraphobic want-to-be mother. Way to push yourself into the outside world!!!