Friday, October 5, 2007


Here's P. Hatty (Pumpkin Hat) Number 1, all finished (but still needing blocking). I finished this in a day, it's a fun project and I think very cute! I've started on #2, and should have it done today or tomorrow. Then the two cute little cousins can wear them for Halloween, so their mothers will not dress them up as clowns!


Meg said...

Send that puppy ASAP, or it's bozo the clown for Hads.

Laurie said...

yipes, hatty is on the way. I don't want Hads to start on her life of irrational fears yet

Unknown said...

What!!! No clown costumes in this family parents! Does L-dine need to post the scary clown sweater picture again? That's all I have to say.