Monday, April 16, 2012

Thanks For Being There for Moms!

Saw this today, and couldn't agree more.

"Hello, Mittens. Future mom here (t-minus 2 months and counting). I'm so glad to hear that you're so supportive of motherhood! So, I'm sure that when I go to your website, I will find the following as part of your platform:

--Guaranteed parental leave of 6+ months at 100% pay for all currently-working expectant mothers. After all, as you say: staying at home with kids is work!

--Heavily subsidized quality childcare so that mothers truly have a choice of whether or not to stay at home, rather than a faux-choice of what costs the family more: the loss of one income or $300/week daycare.
--The highest standards of prenatal care available to all expectant mothers, regardless of income or insurance status.
--A policy supportive of reproductive choice so that all children are wanted children.
--Excellence in public education so that moms can rest assured that when their children reach school age, they will be in good hands.
--Keeping good jobs here in the US so that families can survive on a single income if one parent wants to stay home.
Thanks, Mitt! I just know you'll be fighting for me!"

And as you can see from the family photo, The Romneys, They Live Just Like Us! 


Sue said...

You KNOW that's what he (and the Rs) are all about!

Lis said...

My comments keep not showing up. I can tell you first hand that staying at home is cake. Electronic babysitters (TV) for all of us, Bon bons