Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Important Titanic Stuff

This has been hotly debated between Pia, Katie and me.  WHY didn't Rose scootch over and make room for Jack on that door?

Well, it's been debated elsewhere, and here are the results:

After it was established that Jack and Rose could have easily managed to lie side by side on their makeshift raft, the question turned to one of buoyancy: Could the plank have sustained their combined weight?
Internet Scientists Determine Famous Fictional Titanic Passengers Could Not Have Shared Plank
If it helps, the wood was a piece of pine paneling rent from the Grand Staircase.
Give up? Someone already crunched the numbers and found that the force of buoyancy would be less than the force of gravity, meaning they would sink faster than a certain unsinkable ship.

I love the internets.


Cara said...

god, i love you. that is all.

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