Monday, April 16, 2012

A Fun Weekend

We are back from our whirlwind weekend in Seattle, where us 3 gals (Lulu had to stay home, poor thing) had a grand time.

The highlight really was the "Titanic" performance we attended at the 5th Avenue Theater.  This is an amazing place!  It was built as a movie palace in 1926, one of the first with an Asian theme, and has been lovingly preserved.  I remember going to movies there as a kid, it was always a special occasion to see a movie at the 5th Ave., the Coliseum, or one of the big downtown theaters.

We weren't sure whether we were going to like the show, but our fears were unfounded -- it was great.  It was a concert performance of the Broadway musical, with full orchestra, choir and individual singers.  They had a large screen behind the singers, which showed historical photos and drawings of the Titanic, the passengers and the crew, and that enhanced the show.  It was even more special to be there on the actual 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking.

Other than that, our weekend was spent putzing around.  Katie and I met her pal Bethany down at Lowell's in the Pike St. Market for breakfast (I was super good and had oatmeal --- and a mimosa.  Katie stuck to a bizarre eating plan of having some form of tacos for every meal that day).  We went shopping downtown, where I entertained (myself) with nostalgic stories about the old Frederick & Nelson, my first "real" jobs at the Bon and Frederick's, etc.  Katie forced me to buy a new pair of sneakers, as she hates my "hiking shoes" brown ones and ridicules me every time I wear them to the gym.  So now I have regulation white ones.  She finally bought herself a pair of red Toms, which she's been eyeballing for ages.   Pia & Katie went to a movie, which I bailed on to stay at the hotel and watch the Mariners (we won! yay!)  Katie and I verified that we are NOT good bed partners, esp. in a double bed (seriously, what hotel has double beds?!)  Sunday morning, we stopped in at Meg & Ry's house, and got to see all 4 babies -- Mads and Al were over for the day.  It was a whirlwind of noise, action and toys as you can imagine.

Good to be home in my own bed, but I had a lot of fun.  Let's do it again soon!


Katie said...

Yay! super fun weekend all around! (well except for having to leave Lulu home...) ALMOST makes me wanna move back to Seattle. almost. ;)

Lis said...

Glad you liked the show. The fifth avenue is gorgeous.