Monday, April 2, 2012

How Cute Are These?

(say that in your Best Ina Garten Voice)

I just finished my latest "Year of Weldon's" project: "Mittens for A Young Child" and I think they are adorable!  Better pictures when my photog returns from DC.

I just wish I had a little girl close by.  I think these are perfect for flouncing around in an Easter frock, collecting eggs.

Susna, these knit up fast, you have plenty of time to dress up the girls by Easter morning.


Sue said...

recipe up yet? have yarn - want to knit!

Lis said...

Super cute.

Laurie said...

yep it is ready for you to start knitting!

Meg said...

You do have a little girl close by. She lives in Woodinville. And she would look adorable in these as she is screeching at the Easter Bunny.

Laurie said...

not close enough :-( Dang it. But maybe Susna will whip up mitts for all the lovely little girls.