Friday, July 22, 2011

Manito Park

Liam and Mikey came over for a few hours today (Al was sick and RJ is at camp), and we took Lucy down to Manito.  She was terrible on the leash of course.  Katie, get her back in puppy school stat or Grammy canNOT walk her anymore.  My wrist is dislocated.

The boys, on the other hand, were good as gold.  Liam brought his fishing net and we spent quite a bit of time at the duck pond, looking for turtles.  He snagged a few with the net, so we got to get a good look at the little beasts before he put them back.  Mikey and I played at the playground, and Liam got in a baseball game with a group of kids.  The weather was pleasant, so we picnicked on PBJ's and big pink cookies.

Liam "sharing" Mike's lemonade.  Only minor rage over that.

Mikey looking thoughtful (or maybe this was just after the "lemonade sharing" incident)

We got sick of Lulu chasing every squirrel and duck in the park (well, trying to and being yanked up short), so we walked her back to the house.  Liam cleaned up dog poop and watered my plants for me while I mowed the back yard.  $2.00 well spent.  Mike cleaned up the XBox controllers we found in the garage, so he could take them home to use them.

A nice afternoon for Gramma Laurie, I don't get to see these rascals nearly enough. 


Katie said...

yay! Lulu told me she had SO much fun, even though you wouldn't let her swim in the pond.

also, the broken wrist is your own fault for not using the Gentle Leader.

Lis said...

I was just going to say get her a gentle leader. And I'd send you ours but rudder ate them both.

Next time a field trip to the dog park and then you can let her run wild and save your wrists!

$2 definitely worth the yard help. Send em over to seattle

Laurie said...

you girls and your unruly dogs. And Katie, you KNOW I can't figure out how to put that damn thing on. It's like dog origami.

zaideafraidey said...

agree on the dog origami. Lis lost one of hers because she had to put the contraption on prior to leaving for work, I promised I would not let him chew it up....

Laurie said...

evidently the Gentle Leader is a skill only the young possess. Us olds cannot master it.