Monday, July 4, 2011

Lucky Pup!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  I won "Great Balls of Wire" from Real Simple magazine :-)

Great Balls of Wire is a novel idea to organize your excess cables found around the house such as computer or TV cords. The tennis ball sized device can swallow up to 5 feet of cable and gives a simple and attractive solution to the usual mess of cables associated with modern life.

So now I'm lucky and organized.  Of course, this completely puts the kibosh on my winning anything in the Albertson's Summer Giveaway..


Sue said...

not so! but it does keep you from tripping over cordage and bweaking your awm

Laurie said...

oh yeah forgot about that little incident. Good point Mary!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! No more broken arm! Woo hoo. How many are they sending you? You have A LOT of cords Lavs :)