Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Boys

RJ and Mikey share a birthday (Mom was smart to plan Mikey's arrival on RJ's birthday)  We've been planning a lunch and shopping date for a while, and I took them to Target (our favorite store, though Cabela's might run a close second):

 It's SO hard to choose what to buy!  Mikey was determined to look at EVERYTHING in the toy aisles.

 RJ and Mike got briefly mesmerized by the Hot Wheels display.  We also checked out Pokemon, Star Wars, Legos, and everything that wasn't in a pink box.  Or in the baby aisle.  Because we are 6 now (and 12!  I cannot BELIEVE our little RJ is 12!!!!)
After much deliberation, Mike got a box of Pokemon cards and RJ got a Star Wars game for the Xbox.  Of course, they lobbied hard for a "Rated M" game, but I ix-nayed that.  I generally get in trubs for what I let the boys buy (i.e., weapons of some sort), but I was determined to make wise choices this year.  Much to their chagrin.

We then went to the Red Lobster for a birthday lunch.  RJ is a seafood fiend.  And a teenager (almost).  Here's what he ate:
  • Bowl of clam chowder
  • Cheese biscuit
  • 8 crab legs (and this boy is all business when it comes to crab legs.  He did not leave ONE scrap of meat)
  • Ice Cream Sundae, and 1/2 of Mikey's sundae
  • and a giant Snickers Bar 
Either he is growing, or he is the host of the world's biggest tapeworm.  I was in awe.

It was a fun day, and the boys were so well mannered!  Even at a "nice" restaurant, they were very polite and well behaved.  And remembered to thank me for their gifts and a fun time.  The twins and I are planning our special day out for their birthday next month.

PS I forgot to get a picture of the 4 boys so you could see how big they are Car.  I'll try to get one asap!


Cara said...

does rj realize it's the middle of summer and that wearing a long sleeve flannel shirt is crazy???

i cant believe he is 12!! and he looks much bigger in these pics then the one you sent me.

Laurie said...

well he is trying to be Jon Jr so the flannel is necessary. And in his defense, it wasn't very warm that day. He has grown, is keeping up w the twins (so far)

Lis said...


It's 58 and raining here. Flannel is a must.

What lucky boys to go to target and RL! You're the best Grammy.

Laurie said...

it's the sort of outing ONLY a grammy can tolerate, that's for sure.

Cara said...

i cant believe it's July and still cold there. It's been in the 90's for well over a month and a half now!!

Laurie said...

and NO cicadas here either!