Friday, June 10, 2011


The knitting slump kind of continues, I'm not super excited about any of my current projects:

"Chicken Boot Liners" for Alex.  These are actually a pretty cool idea, they go inside your rubber boots with a stirrup-y piece for the foot so they don't ride up, and the cuff goes over the top of the boot so they stay put:

But we're talking acres of plain old navy blue knitting.  Not very exciting.  So I only have 1 done.

"Crock Socks" for Allie Pallie.  Another clever idea, these are liners for Crocs.  I heard that little Pal worships her "dile" shoes, so decided to whip up a pair of these:

Again with the "I only have 1 done".  I think these are going to be too big for her tiny lil' feet.  But it only took me a couple of hours to whip up the first sock, so no excuse not to finish this project. 

"Rosalia" cardigan.  This is a "big" project, a cardigan for me. 

 This is the finished sweater (I'm only at the bottom border so far):

This is going to be quite fabulous if I ever get it done.  So I need to "unslump" myself and get going on all of these.


Lis said...

the croc socks are adorable. keep knitting!

Laurie said...

on the top of the pile!