Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Things that Make me Smile

During my long, boring drive home from Seattle, I had plenty of time to ponder things that make me smile:
1. Crop Names in Fenceline.  I have mentioned this before, but knowing what those mystery plants are as I whiz past on I90 makes me happy.

2.  Calling the fat dogs across the alley "Piggy and Munchy".  Everyone needs a chubby pair of some persons or animals they can nickname Piggy and Munchy.  It's a guaranteed day brightener.  I also got the intel from Lisa that P & M earned their mean nicknames the summer they stole plums from our tree (like we were going to eat them) and then engaged us in a cross-street rock war.

3. How much little kids love wearing bandaids.  I'm talking to you, Ms. Logan.

4. Finding a single ripe strawberry in our patch and eating it before the slug does.

5. Learning that Southwest is having a 3 day fare sale, and just happening to have money in my bank account!  So I bought a ticket to DC for dirt cheap.

6. Listening to 5 hours of songs from my junior high school days on above-mentioned trip across the state.  Most of them were heinous.  No need to relive that musical era, central Washington radio stations.  But it was still kind of fun and it kept me awake.

7. Seeing what a tiny shrimp our mom is.  She's about as big around as my pinkie.  And I'm the Incredible Hulk when I stand next to her.  She's still feisty though.


Sue said...

that list totally makes me smile - and Miss Logan Rae is the Band-Aid queen (if you hadn't figured that out) - She is the Les Nessman of Mill Creek!

Lis said...

I have never seen the signs but love that idea! I'm always wondering what stuff is. On the way up to
Crystal mountain they put signs along the logging spots with how old trees are. It's fun to see how fast they grow.

Bandaids are miracle workers. Enough said

Mimi is tiny. Like fourth grader tiny.

Laurie said...

oh Les Nessman! Yay! And I'm wearing a bandaid right this minute, but with good reason as opposed to fashion purposes a la Loggie

Katie said...

i love this post... and especially agree on the highway signs, they are great. (Lis, if you ever drive around George-Moses Lake, that is where they are the most prominent.)

Cara said...

we can't wait to see you!!